Rock Paper Scissors App with Economy Crashing

I have a student who is trying to modify the Rock Paper Scissors app to include an economy where the player bets coins, then plays Rock Paper Scissors against the app and either earns coins or loses them based on if they win or lose the toss. His app keeps crashing and I have helped with some of the issues, but I am not sure I understand why it is still crashing. Can anyone look at it and give us some help?

BishopRock.aia (243.0 KB)


the "while" loop in Initialize block...doesn't look like fine...maybe can be changed by an "if" statement?

To back from Screen2 to Screen1 it would be better with "close screen" block...avoiding open screens 1 and 2 over and over again.

In Screen2 it seems you are storing "Bet?" in "Bet_Amount" and vice versa.

We leave the rest for your students to discover.

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Turn off all Timers before switching screens.


It must be a close block to get back to Screen1.

Yes, and on Screen1 in the “Bet?” variable. The global variable “Bet” on Screen1 is always 0, so the GoButton on Screen1 will never be executed.

This is only relevant on non-Screen1 screens. And those sceens must be closed when switching to another screen (especially to Screen1). If a screen is closed timers are disabled automatically.

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Thanks for the help. I did think there was something wrong with the Bet? and Bet_Amount variables, but I was having trouble articulating it. I'll try to guide him to the correct answer.

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