Return array from method?

How can I return an array from a method?

ArrayList doesn't work and YailList neither.

Can this example help you? This is the bluetooth component method returning the device list.

 @SimpleProperty(description = "The addresses and names of paired Bluetooth devices",
      category = PropertyCategory.BEHAVIOR)
  public List<String> AddressesAndNames() {
    List<String> addressesAndNames = new ArrayList<String>();

    Object bluetoothAdapter = BluetoothReflection.getBluetoothAdapter();
    if (bluetoothAdapter != null) {
      if (BluetoothReflection.isBluetoothEnabled(bluetoothAdapter)) {
        for (Object bluetoothDevice : BluetoothReflection.getBondedDevices(bluetoothAdapter)) {
          if (isDeviceClassAcceptable(bluetoothDevice)) {
            String name = BluetoothReflection.getBluetoothDeviceName(bluetoothDevice);
            String address = BluetoothReflection.getBluetoothDeviceAddress(bluetoothDevice);
            addressesAndNames.add(address + " " + name);

    return addressesAndNames;

Yeah, it works!

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