Retrieving web data

Hello, a couple of questions:
1: Is there any way to start a code block without a procedure call? (lets say: where is the main method entrance door??) .I want to retrieve Thingspeak fields without user intervention (no screen touching), and i can´t find a way to execute the block code without a “When…”
2: When I make a GET call to a URL, then I read the response contents,write it to a text field, then change te URL, make a new GET call to the new URL , read the response contents and write it to ANOTHER field, I get THE SAME VALUE IN BOTH FIELDS… Can anyone help me? I dont understand if the GET call is sequential or not.

blocks got text

Are you expecting global mansaje to change value in the middle of your button click event?

That’s not how AI2 events work.

Do your second web request in the first web requests’ .GotText event.

If necessary, add extra Web controls in the Designer to let you daisy chain them.

I don’t know if this will work (?) … use two web (web1 and web2) with (web1.gottext and web2.gottext)

I´d like to execute the block without the need of a click, but ,since I don´t know how to do it , i´ve used the “When …click” function, and i suppose the following chain of events will happen:

*construction of web address with campo=1
*assign that web address to web1
*call get function
*get mensaje2 from GOT TEXT function
*set Texto_Vpan with mensaje2
*change campo variable to 2
*construct web addres with campo=2
*assign that web address to web1
*call get function
*get mensaje2 from GOT TEXT function
*set Texto_I_pan with mensaje2

Am I wrong?

I´ve thought about it , but retrieving 12 values is an inferno of addreses and not user configurable

Yes, it works…

Here is a technique to switch the destination Label for an upcoming Event …