Retrieving values from Firebase to App Inventor

How do I correct this code in order to accurately retrieve the values from Firebase?

There is an awful amount of confusion in your blocks!

We need to start from the beginning....

What is your raw responseContent - what does it look like on return? (post here as text, not an image)


I've tried to modify my code.

Here is what I need to fetch.

But there seems to be a problem with my block of codes because the values don't display.

The Firebase component generally only works with firebase projects on the US server. You have a choice:

  1. Create a new project on the firebase us-server
  2. Use the web component to access the data on your existing project

Is there an alternative way for my block of codes similar to that I have given you which could work on my server? Could you help me modify the codes that could function with regards to what server I am using?


Also, how do I implement the timestamp that is displayed along with the values I've fetched in my Firebase? Would it be possible? Could I also convert the values into a string of characters once the values are fetched? For example, instead of "935999a95", the label is set to "Access denied." + current timestamp, and if it is "53786ca8", the label is set to "Access granted." + current timestamp?

Please help me as I am only a beginner.

  1. Have you sorted out your access to the data yet? Are you getting values in responseContent?
  2. What timestamp, your screenshot of your firebase data does not show a timestamp, but the "keys" are generated by Firebase following a POST of the data, and these keys are time based alpha-numeric codes?

I haven't sorted the data and haven't gotten values in responseContent. Regarding the blocks of code I have formerly provided, what should I modify? Because the modified blocks of code in my second screenshots do not provide the timestamp and keys are not generated following a POST of the data... How do I execute it?

Have you set up a new firebase project on the us server, or are you going to use the web component to access your data?

Some firebase component basics for you: