Retrieving marker form tinyDB

My Marker is not showing after being saved in the tinyDB. Not sure what I am doing wrong can anyone post a picture of the blocks in the correct format. Any feedback is appreciated!

Welcome Tom.

What are you saving Tom? The coordinates for a design time Map Marker (latitude,longitude) or the component Block for a run time Map Marker or something else?

Explain how you 'saved' the 'Marker' and show your Blocks. If we know this, someone might be able to provide specific advice.

Not at the moment as we really do not know what you are attempting from your short description of your issue.

does this show?

Do you intend to store more than 1 client??Can you explain the intention of this app??

What do you expect Tom? The Marker description saves. What do you want to happen after you save the description of the component? You did not provide any code to do anything with the values in Screen1.Initialize after you retrieve them.

This is what you want to happen when you attempt to save the Marker component.

However, you cannot save the component and expect the trailing information you initially generated to follow. That information is NOT saved in a TinyDB.

To display the 'saved' location on a Map, just save the coordinates, then plot the coordinates to a design time Marker. Why? Because you can save the coordinates but NOT the component.

I want to be able to store the marker on the map with the location with the latitude and longitude. an be able to recall the info form the tinyDB and be able to add multiple locations.

Why dont you try using a CSV to store the Client name and the Lat/Long values retrieved from the map.

what is the CSV?

CSV is Comma Seperated Value.
It is akin to a Excel sheet

The National Parks tutorial) demonstrates how to plot multiple run time markers using a csv file to an OpenStreetMap. Use the list from csv Block to convert the csv to a List.