Retrieving information from Firebase

Hi team!!!

I have a doubt that could not find in the magnifying glass.

I’m retriving info with the call get value procedure from the extension Firebase and putting the info in a label.

At firebase, the tag address has the value “Corso del dia, 87 - 1002 - neighbor” but at the label, I received just “Corso”.

A read somewhere about spaces and comma un JSON and databases and I replaced the Space between words to underscores. Once received the in data from firebase, and use the text Replace all but happen the same thing. just appears at the label the word “Corso”

Someone have a tip for me?

Thanks in advance.

How did you load the data into Firebase?

  • from an AI2 app? or
  • using another program or the Firebase dashboard?
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from an AI2 app…I have installed the extension.
Thanks for reply

What extension?

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Experimental: FirebaseDB included in AP2

Extensions are different from experimental components.

That said, it’s time for you to show us you blocks.

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.

To get an image of your blocks, right click in the Blocks Editor and select “Download Blocks as Image”.

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Please show an example of the data as you view it on the firebase console.

Are you setting this data from AI2 or from outside AI2 with another program / or tpying it into Firenase Console directly - you didn’t answer this earlier…

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I have typed directly in Firebase for testing purpose, but I intend to upload it.


I tested right now and it worked!!!


Yesterday it didn’t worked. That is why I changed the spaces with the underscores.

Sorry for the inconvenient… I can’t understand why yet that now is working!!!

It’s the data.

Upload it from AI2 and it will have proper markup in Firebase to come back through AI2 unscathed.

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Thanks for the Tip!!!

Have a great day!!!

AI2 Firebase component requires values to be stored with extra ‘escaped’ quotes

For example:

"Costro Date Today"

would need to be stored as:

"\"Costro Date Today\""

to be returned to AI2 as "Costro Date Today", otherwise you get "Costro"

If you use the web compoent to access Firebase data, you do not need this:


That solved the problem! Thanks :slight_smile: