Retrieving data from firebase - list of list

I have created a small activity tracking application where I have to check when a task is done. I have stored the data in the form of a list and I can recover it.

The problem is when I want to add the names of the people who carried out these tasks I end up with a list (list of tasks) which contains a list (list of people).

Why as soon as I want to recover data from Firebase I have the impression of doing word processing?

The block above is a small part of what I had to do to extract the list contained in the list

example of data that I must use :

item1 : “[“non”,“oui”,“non”,“non”,“oui”,“non”,”[“Erick”,“Sheila”]]

I dream of an extension that allow you to use firebase as easily as google sheets :o)


Set your lists to json in Screen1 properties
Use lists to handle your returned data, NOT by removing parantheses

Does your firebase data look like this (maybe with lots of extra \ " ):

   item1: “[“non”,“oui”,“non”,“non”,“oui”,“non”,”[“Erick”,“Sheila”]]
   item2: “[“non”,“oui”,“non”,“non”,“oui”,“non”,”[“David”,“Jane”]]
   item3: “[“non”,“oui”,“non”,“non”,“oui”,“non”,”[“Susan”,“NIck”]]


in firebase i got this :

item1: "[“non”,“oui”,“non”,“non\”,“oui”,“non”,[“Erick”,“Sheila”]]”
item2: "[“non”,“oui”,“non”,“non\”,“oui”,“oui”,[“David”,“Jane”]]”
item3: "[“non”,“oui”,“non”,“non\”,“non”,“non”,[“Susan”,“Nick”]]”
item1: …

without list to json i got this for tag 1after json decode

(( item1 [“non”,“oui”,“non”,“non”,“oui”,“non”,[“Erick”,“Sheila”]])) (( item2 [“non”,“oui”,“non”,“non”,“oui”,“oui”,[“David”,“Jane”]])) (( item3 [“non”,“oui”,“non”,“non”,“non”,“non”,[“Susan”,“Nick”]]))

with list to json i got this for tag 1 after json decode

[[“item1”, “[“non”,“oui”,“non”,“non”,“oui”,“non”,[“Erick”,“Sheila”]]”], [“item2”, “[“non”,“oui”,“non”,“non”,“oui”,“oui”,[“David”,“Jane”]]”], [[“item3”, “[“non”,“oui”,“non”,“non”,“non”,“non”,[“Susan”,“Nick”]]”]]