Retrieve geolocation Data from Firebase? (was Bug or missing component)

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I am building an app with front app and and backend firebase. I want to store data in firebase and have decided to use the tag as a searchable object. This means i i have a long tag with several items included. This way i can store data with the specific data i want an just have one true or false attached to the tag. This works fine when i store data, but when i want to retrieve the data with a specific tag ect "cilodexøredråber10mlnexø" it cannot retrive the data and change the color of the marker. I know the marker gets the right position and can change color. The problem is in retrieving the data from firebase as i see the data in tables in firebase.

You need to change your blocks in the FirebaseDB1.GotValue event:

if tag = (your tag name in text block) then
Set the marker accordingly

Use an outer if / else if block for each tag

Thank you for a fast response.

I do not understand the answer thougt. You want me to change the "when firebasedb1.gotvalue" block to a if/then component. But will you make a variable of tag to equal my tag name.
This will not make my database value of true or false count toward the colour as it is only the name of the tag is there or not taht counts.
This still doesnt explain why i get af value not there respons in the labels set for bug hunting in the "when firebasedb1.gotvalue block".


Like this:

I understand. I have changed it all, but i still get not value through.

I do not see where you set your (complex) tag values to "true" or "false" (as strings) ?

like this right

I suspekt it is a backend problem. Any sugestions?

Blocks look better. You did not answer my last question?



Is this not right

blocks (2)

Does that make one of your complex tag names?

Should be OK.

Perhaps call one and check it is returning correctly. CheckBox1.Checked will set a boolean, not a string.

if the checkbox doesnt work how can i do something else with true/false? as a string i mean.

Like this:


just change X & Y to true and false

Still no red and green markers....

blocks (4)

Working OK for me



Note you will need to add another condition if the valueToStore is not true or false (to get an orange marker....)

You may want to save your complexTagNames to variables to avoid any typing errors

You may also want to simplify (as above) to get one thing working, before changing another part of your code. Baby steps....

I think my problem lies in the complex tag names and the join of these. Maybe something hang in the string from the join.

Why not just name the tags:


If you can find the Firebase console section where it shows the database contents, the tags might prove informative.

If you can't show the raw database contents, post your exported source here.

I name the tags so that i can search for them afterwards. Unfortunately it is not possible to search firebase after several values. This way i can search for cilodex, øredråber, 10, ml, and rønne. This way i will know the last known data stored wtih those parameters. This is also the reason it is build in a joined function.

I have seen the database content and it shows the tags perfectly and should be retriveable, but as we have tried a lot of aproaches this is not possible with the same letters written on the retrieving side. That is why i suspect it is the join function that changes the tag enough to not be recognised from the retrieving side. I will test this soon, but it is a bigger operation.
I will write you the result.