Retrieve data from firebase using object

I have saved the data using a reference variable, but now I am not able to retrieve from firebase.

Is there any way to retrieve the data with reference varialbe?

What do you mean by a “reference variable” ?

Please show your relevant blocks


Let us assume your listview selection = “Banana”
Do you have a tag in your firebase data called:


But I am not able to get the hole string. Is there any way to get it?

I do not understand what you mean, get the whole string for what ?

Here the link is “32020/Mar 18,2020 Bdnhdb/Taken”. I need to get the full string from “Taken”, but I am getting only the first word “Jsjsjsms”

Is there any way to get the string?

OK, I can now see what you mean. It looks like your firebase data has been created outside of AI2 therefore the data structure is different.

Currently your data is saved like this: “Jsjsjssms dndndnvnd…”

AI2 would save it like this: " \ "Jsjsjssms dndndnvnd…\ " " (spaces added for display purposes)
which would allow you to return the whole string.

There is no easy way around this other than adjusting your base data and reimporting it to firebase, or to change all your firebase data entries.

You could use the web component to call back data:

Retrieving Data | Firebase

or if you have user authentication in place:

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