Retrieve data from Firebase to another screen

Hi, I'm new here. I want to ask, How to display the data from firebase that filled through sign up screen? I want display it on another screen. Example: Name

Add a firebaseDB component on the other screen, and use the call firebase.getValues block.

can u show example block? i don't have idea to start

Replace "tagName" with the tag in which you stored your data in.

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@fahmisafuan can you please share the image of your DB(if possible) so that it would be more easy for @NishyanthKumar to give you solution otherwise the solution given bu @NishyanthKumar in the previous post is good enough.


okay thankyou. already get the idea

thankyou! i will try it

i try this, not display anything on screen

Try removing the else block from the if mutator

okay, already succeed, thankyou!