Retrieval of bluetooth value on connection

Hello everyone

Can you help me I have a question is it possible to retrieve the value of the bluetooth connection when connecting, i.e. the address which is in this block


in fact, to explain my situation to you, I am trying to retrieve the address of the connected device to put it in a tyniDB and then transfer the value to the bluetooth of another screen.

Except that I have a problem when I take the value of this block to display it,
it displays true in the label. Well I don't know if I'm understandable so sorry if I'm not.

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Try this way, using split at space

Hello, thank you for your response

But unfortunately it doesn't work when I log in the text no longer displays true but just t which changes if we increase the index if I put two it displays r

Thank you for your reply

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In Screen1


In Screen2

Thank for your help

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