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The Sharing component seems to be a good all-purpose mechanism for moving data between systems as files. I can move things such as images and CSV files to Google Drive and use the capabilities of Drive to (a) designate where the files should go in a folder structure, (b) to delay uploads until a wi-fi connection is available, (c) to take care of file transmission over http, (d) to use the credentials and authorizations of the user's google identity. All quite handy with nearly zero programming. What seems to be missing is the ability to get the disposition of Drive activity. I would like to know if the upload was successfully persisted by Drive, if there was an error of some kind, or if the user canceled the Drive action. Is there any way the Sharing component can return and outcome or event that has the outcome?

I don't think it is possible...there is no way that you can get information about what the user did (not do) with the images that you prompted to share.


The only thing you can get is that a Sharing process has started:

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