Restoring sqlite db from /Documents... folder to ASD

Can anyone help?
I have Android 13.
I am using com.puravidaapps.TaifunSqlite.aix extension.
I am continuously making a backup of the sqlite DB to the folder .../Documents...
I do this using the com.sunny.FileTools.aix extension.
If I want to restore the DB from the ../Documents... folder to ASD, it doesn't work for me.
A prerequisite for copying a DB is probably that the DB should be closed.
If I followed correctly, it only allows the org.bennedum.SQLite.aix extension. So is TaifunSqlite and bennedum working together? Or is another solution possible?

Did yoy get any error message ?

If you read the documentation, Taifun's sqlite extension exports/imports dB files to and from the ASD.

If you want to make a copy of the dB file to the Documents folder, then you must do this separately.

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.

To get an image of your blocks, right click in the Blocks Editor and select "Download Blocks as Image". You might want to use an image editor to crop etc. if required. Then post it here in the community.

do not mix several sqlite extensions, use only one


I moved a little further.
It now has a problem evaluating the existence of a file in the /Documents folder in Companion.
The result is still false even though the file should be there.
Where am I doing wrong?

Did your app create that file and put it there ?

Well, I don't know how it looks in the Companion environment. But even if I create an .apk and run it on mobile, the result is the same. and I can use Total Commander on my mobile to check that the file in /Documents/Backups/dbKnihy.sqlite is there...

Let's try again....

The File component needs / uses a relative path (not a full or absolute path).


There was a typo ... not dbKniha.... but Kniha...
Mea culpa.

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