Restore data labels using "Any Labels"

Good evening everyone!
I added to the "NuovoMenu" list the text of the "Labels" inserted in "global Evento". It works correctly: Event Name, Date, Time, etc. and then I save them on DB

Now, to retrieve the data from the DB, I started like this:

Since there are more many "Labels" to load, it is possible to recall the data without the procedure described above with a formula such as:

Thank you and good evening

What is happening in the procedure CaricaDati? Why not set the returned data to a list.

Yes you can do what you want, you will need to make a list of your label components, which should be in the same order as the data. Then you can use the AnyLabel blocks to assign by index.

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Something like this,

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It works perfectly!!! :slight_smile:

Thank You very much !!!

Do you not think, having a function call is putting an extra overhead, as you are getting a content of list from tinydb, why not you set a variable with what is returned by db. It seems to be getting things indirectly when you can have it with direct reference.

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I didn't notice that @TIMAI2 had already mentioned it before

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