Restart non root phone

i want to restart my phone with the click of a button.. how to do it?
can we use activity starter for this purpose?

hey i got an extension for this and the app works but while i upload it in playstore it says You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle which has an activity, activity alias, service or broadcast receiver with intent filter, but without 'android:exported' property set. This file can't be installed on Android 12 or higher. See:

That means the extension is not updated for Android 12.. can u pls give the updated version..
i am giving the link

@newbiedeveloper please update your Accessibility Tools extension to SDK31

see the note here

OP no longer an active member in the community so don’t wait for an extension update


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can u pls update this? or please tell me how to get accesibility permission

aryan.gupta.BackButtonApi31.aix (11.7 KB)

Try this

@Pralaya_Ranjan_Beher , Try to not depend on my extensions as all of my extension's source codes was lost. So, I can't provide any update. I edited the .aix file

I am currently working on an App builder(based on Appnventor) -
In Appzard, we have created something in our buildserver to automatically add exported="true" in any services, activites, providers which contains <intent-filter> element but don't have exported attribute. It works for extensions too. Incase, if you face any similar issues with my other extensions. you can try importing your project in Appzard. Appinventor's project can be easily imported in Appzard. Or you can PM me. I will try to edit it if possible

I am @newbiedeveloper
My gmail is lost. I am trying to recover it.

ok sir.. i am trying

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Sir, i have some problems get fixed.. pls help me that what should be the activity starter action that shows me the power dialog box.

Use this block

this helps but i cant use it beacuse google playstore not accepting your older extension..thats why i m asking help from you sir

Can you post my old extension here ?

aryan.gupta.BackButton.aix (11.7 KB)

is this your updated SDK31 Version??

I will post the edited extension here tomorrow

Thank you Sir.. i am waiting eagerly

aryan.gupta.BackButton.aix (11.7 KB)

try this

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thank you Sir.. God will bless you

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How to give accessibility description?

There is no way to do it using my extension.