Restart list. Create empty list

Hello, I require that when you return to a page with lists these are restarted, since the file has already been sent.
but currently when returning the lists they keep memory of what was entered, I already entered a block to delete the generated file and if you delete the file but do not restart the lists, thank you very much, I will put the blocks that ask me, thank you.

This is the sheet where the lists are created, next the block with which I delete the file.


Thank you for your contributions.

After block Archivo1.Borrar, put the blocks:
List1 = crear una lista vacía
List2 = crear una lista vacía
List3 = crear una lista vacía

Great, I didn’t think it was that simple, a hug.

Sorry again, it turns out that if you clear the list, but when you add a new value, the values ​​you had again appear again

Maybe you are loading the list from other blocks.
You must show more blocks to check the error.

Thanks, I already found a way to fix it.

I share for future reference.

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