{RESOLVED} Build Servers are having problems

MIT have advised that all build servers are currently having problems.

Please wait for an update

Update: 6 build servers are now available


Only solution is to use AI2Offline.
Speaking of AI2Offline, they just added Translator component.

Servers are back online, just completed a build

The infrastructure we use on campus is having issues. I don't have an ETA when it will be working again. For now I have setup 6 servers in Amazon Web Services (AWS). I am looking into spinning up some more if I can figure out how to do so at reduced cost. I have done this in the part, but it didn't work today.


Our buildserver cluster should be back to full strength (and on campus again)


That's not necessarily so, most App developers can bide their time, they can still test via the Companion. If the App is ready for testing as an APK, a few hours wait is not the end of the World (and there is preparation to do, such as the distribution info). AI2Offline (which has nothing to do with MIT) has it's own issues too.

Thanks Jeff, brilliant as always.

Hi, they are down again

There may be some competition with many Users all trying to use the servers at the same time. I just tested Build here (UK), actually fast, no issue.

Here in Colombia does not work at all, i've tried several times

Does it give any feedback message? Have you tried with a small, simple Project?

"An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?" The simple one works, mine not

Another guy had the same issue, is reported in the blog

...OK, that is not usually a Build Server availability Issue, it's usually something of nothing - a momentary Broadband glitch or an interruption by Antivirus software for example, things more likely to occur with large files.

Make sure App Inventor is the King of your Browser (Firefox recommended) and that nobody else on your network is using up broadband width (watching a movie etc). If you have Anti-Virus Software, you can 'safe list' everything App Inventor or temporarily switch off it's monitoring of the Browser.

You should of course ensure your Project is lean and mean, no oversized images etc.

Thank you so much

We again had problems with the on campus servers and had to switch over to AWS. They should be working (in AWS) now, and the load seems reasonable. Let me know (here) if people are still seeing problems.

And we are back running on campus, hopefully the underlying poblems have been solved.