Resolution of the screen in App Inventor

I'm new in App Inventor, and I don't know how we can have the same resolution on the screen in Ap Inventor as in our phone. Even if good Apps should work with each resolution, it would be nice if we could have the choice for it, to make simple Apps that suits well with our own phone, at the beginning at least.
So, do you know if it is possible to change the resolution in App Inventor ?

There are 3 presets in the Viewer section in the designer.

However, you can’t match your own phone’s resolution unless it happens to be 320 x 505.

The best you can do is create an app that looks good in the designer and check it out using the Companion.

You can check out universal sizing here.

Thank you for your reply.
Indeed, dimensioning the elements at the initialization of the window solves many problems, in particular the fact that we cannot put many objects on a line if we define the width of these objects in pixels in the designer mode, the screen width in AI being small in pixels.
So, if I understood correctly, to make square buttons and have a defined number of buttons on a line, always the same according to the size of the screen, then you have to do a little calculation of the type button_width = x% of screen_width and button_height = (x / k) % of screen_height with k = screen_height / screen_width. Then, we initialize these dimensions when the App window is initialized.
Thanks again for taking time to answer my question.

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Thanks for these very useful links.
However, I will have to watch the second pixii video again, because I think pixii was overloaded while making this video ... and my English and visual skills are a bit too weak :slight_smile: ... I still work with old lead acid batteries :slight_smile: