Reset button to original image and make text bigger

Sorry to be so needy. I am learning. I promise to get better.

I have a button with an image. I set it (by myself) to make a check mark over the button.
How do I make the check in the “text” X over the button image bigger and maybe red

By downloading, editing or creating a PNG in image editing software

So I downloaded a big red X. I place the image over my button with an image and make it not visible. I set it for image 1 to be visible upon button click. Everything seems good until i check it in the emulator and the button that I placed the red x image over is missing. What am I doing wrong?

Try these blocks (no images needed) - may give you some ideas.

Check Button




See my website for tips and tricks concerning GUI Layout:

…and here is a code snippet showing how to “toggle” image buttons on-off (not the best graphics but it will help you to understand).

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