Requesting Feedback for additions/changes to Color User Interface [GSoC '21]

Hii everyone!

I'm Anuj, I am going to be working on Improving how the user interacts with the colors in the Designer and the Blocks Editor.

Project Description

  1. Improvements in Designer Color Picker - An extra input box that takes input in RGB color format.
  2. “Radix Number” block - Setting the “Radix Number” block as the default block attached to the “make a list” block.
  3. New Make Color block with Hex String input - Adding a new “make color” block that takes input color in a hex string format (RGBA)
  4. “Do It” output Display for color returning block - The “Do it” command will output the color in different formats.
  5. Display for Visual Representation of Color - We introduce a “show color” command in the menu, it will then open up a balloon window which will give the visual representation of the color.

You can read about the project in more detail in my proposal here.

What I'm hoping from the Feedback?

Not all of the changes suggested need to be implemented together, for example, we would only need to add either one of (2) or (3). So I'm hoping to get to know your insights on the combination of these changes that we could make. And I would also appreciate any other suggestions you would have about the project.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the earlier discussion about this project.


Good luck with your project. We had a lot of discussion about the use of colors in App Inventor. You were even part of the discussion in one of the topics.

Looking forward to see how you will deal with this.

A number of Power Users already gave there ideas and opinions in the above topic.

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In my opinion, if this is going to be of any use to ai2 then all 5 options are needed.


Colour names (e.g. html colour names such a powderblue, palegoldenrod, lavender) in a drop down list with colour beside ?