Request to update Webview function

Hello everyone, Now i have found problem that "Webview" cannot open some specific webpage on Android 5.1.1, I have try same app on other android device such as Realme GT neo2, SAMSUNG Tab S6.

I coded with system alert msg, And it's show when page loaded.
For SAMSUNG and Realme, I need to rotate the screen to landscape and rotate back to portrait.
But problem was on Android 5.1.1, It's Android box inside the biggest 53" touchscreen with no screen orientation sensor, When i open app, This android cannot rotate them self.

But when i open chrome on android 5.1.1, It's can open that specific page normally
That's why i think this webview was called by default browser

Can you add more choice that let's webview open with which browser application or let user input manually browser name is ok.

I also choose Chrome to default, But webview still go to real default browser that come with android os.

Hello Chwin

I see you are more than a little confused about the WebView Component. The WebView is actually defined by Google for Android Apps. It is a 'lite' version of a full Browser, so it may not be able to display web pages that are non-conventional or contain errors, whereas a full Browser often can. WebView is not driven by a Browser application, it's stand-alone.

The issue of orientation is down to the web page not being designed as HTML Responsive. A responsive web design will automatically adjust for different screen sizes and viewports. If the website is yours, you can fix that problem:

It is possible to launch the default full Browser on your Android phone (tablet etc) via your App if you wish, but that will take the User away from your App, which is why the WebView is preferred. Fixing the webpage is the best solution.

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A lot of this depends on what the webpage is doing.

With Android 5, Google made it so that the system's default browser (typically Chrome) is the main implementation for the Android WebView (which App Inventor's WebViewer component wraps). Prior to this, Android provided a default implementation that had to be updated as part of the OS.

However, because the WebView implementation is now decoupled, companies can provide their own implementations (for better or worse). It may be the device you are running on doesn't actually use Chrome as the default WebView but another proprietary implementation. If so, that might explain the differences. In some cases, you can specify the default WebView implementation in the Settings app (you may need to 'become a developer' to enable this option).


Hi, My specific website is log-in webpage,

About android 5.1.1 device is the biggest screen on boot for show

i have 2 device run android 5.1.1

  1. 43inch screen
  2. 55inch screen

Have try to check screen resolution for this both device, It's same value
On 43inch screen can open the specific website. . .the log-in website normally and looks good
But on 55inch screen cannot open

Overall my team was choose the 43inch to use, And make 55inch screen for another things

Thankyou all you guys for help :pray:

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... I hope that's not a 43 inch Smart Phone :joy:

Can you confirm that both devices are running the same version of Google Chrome? There shouldn't be a difference in behavior of the web viewer simply due to the screen size.