Request QR-Code with api source


im actually frustrating, i dont get it how this work.
for example, i just want to generate a QR code with an api source (

I tried some but the app keep crashing if i klick on generate.

Somebody can help here out ?


Greez Chris

what exactly means "crashing"?
any error message?
and what is the response content?
will an image be returned form that API? in this case you have to set the property SaveResponse to true and use the GotFile event


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Hello Taifun,

the app just crashing if i klick on generate no further error massage.

the response content is a QR-Code image.

I dont know what you mean with SaveReponse to true, can u maybe explain or show?


Greez Chris

Like so:


Alternatively just set the url to the image:

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Wow thanks for the help, i lost much time for this :smiley:

Is there a reason why API error response image ?
Do i need to do something that it show me correctly ?

Greez Chris


I think this could be an issue with the app and the visualization of the requested QR code PNG.

Anyway, I found another way to fix this.

I read a lot here today and found some work from vknow and here is a discussion of some improvements to the QR scanner file tool ...

I didn't think it would take all night, but hey, here we are now

it actually worked for me

Many Thanks

Okay i have a Problem xD

i cant download the apk file...

your error message is DX execution failed

here is @SteveJG’s monster list of things to check

each point on the monster list might be the issue, why someone gets a DX execution failed error… that thread is a collection of several possibilities, which have been collected by @SteveJG during the years while answering questions like that… hope that helps…


would it make more sense to just start over and build from scratch? ^^

is there maybe a conflict with FileTools ?

that depends on your project...
if you have just a few blocks, then probably yes...

Hmmm if i build this with kodular ?

But honestly i donwloaded @vknow360 test qr version and there was no problem, oh gosh i just want to ad this qr xD

for god sake i safe aia always if i start a new block :smiley:

It has something to do with that blocks, how can i solve this problem?

Build with Kodular?

Ok, well, I think we can finally close this, idk why, but I took few steps back deleted FileTool and Installed again and put the block "Call FileTools1 ApplicationSpecificDirectory" and left out the barcode scanner so it works for me now!

back up your aia files and apk regularly!

i guess maybe a bad decission to start again, a lot of work and hrs in there :smiley:

You could use these extensions -

Or use google charts qr code maker: