Request for User Feedback on the Animation Improvements Project

Hello everyone!

I am Himanshu Garg, a Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2021 student developer at MIT App Inventor with Evan Patton (@ewpatton) as my mentor. This year I will be working to improve the animation part of MIT App Inventor.

Here is a link to my proposal. Please do give it a read and provide your valuable feedback. You can comment on the doc or reply to this topic. Any feedback is most welcome.

A shorter description of the project:

Specifically, my work will comprise two improvements to the current system.

  1. Adding custom origin support to image sprites.

Currently users are not capable of changing the origin of image sprites. The origin here refers to the point about which every event related to the sprite, like rotation, change in position etc., happens. This is the point that resides on the coordinates X, Y the user specifies as the position of the sprite. Adding support for custom origins is a major goal of the project.

  1. Improving the collision detection algorithm.

The algorithm that detects collisions between moving sprites needs an upgrade. At present collision detection does not work properly in case of rotated image sprites, especcialy if the image is tall and narrow or short and wide. The project will solve this either by improving the current algorithm or by a replacing it with a new one.

Thanks in Advance,

Himanshu Garg


It will be very helpful for App Developers. :+1:
Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great proposal. If you ever find time, maybe after the GSOC, you can also find a permanent solution for sprite cannibalism.

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@Peter Sure, maybe sometime after GSoC.

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Great praposal

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