Request for Korean translation update

Hello everyone,

I am a Korean translator for appinventor.

The Korean translation sheet I used is now broken.

So I've sent Ms. Susan Lane more than 3 messages and emails in the last 3 months to get a new link.

But I haven't received an answer yet.

If there is a new person in the translation department of Appinventor on this forum, please contact me.

Thank you,


I just replied to a different thread.

However, there's information about translating on the site. You don't need a link now, but you do need to create an account a and send me a note with the account name.


Dear Susan Rati Lane,

May I ask you to update the Appinventor Korean translation?

The Korean translation was already completed 2 years ago.

However, it has not yet been applied to a live system.

For Korean users, I ask that you update the Korean translation as soon as possible please.

Please contact me if you have any needs.

Thank you.

Best regards,


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