Request for feedback on Project Properties Dialog Project Proposal

Hello everyone, This Arin Modi, 3rd Year CS Undergrad student. I am willing to work on Project Properties Dialog this summer as a part of GSOC 2023

Abstract For Project:

Currently, the properties for the Screen1 form contains a number of project-wide properties such as App Name and Theme. We want these properties separated from the component and maintained on a separate dialog on the designer view.


Looking forward for feedback to improve proposal.


Can any mentors provide feedback on this? Also, users feedback will be great help as it is user interface related project.

Thanks, Looking forward to feedbacks.

I will be reviewing documents later today.


I have updated the proposal according to feedback given by ewan sir and also included some points which are missing previously.

but I have one little confusion, in the dialog we are adding properties, by fetching all the properties form so we need to differ which is project property and which is form property. There ware two ways I come up with.

  1. As there are limited project property we can use static HashSet, which will contains all the labels of project level properties so at the time of adding property in the dialog, we can check that given property label is part of that hashset or not and if it is then we will add that property to the dialog.
  2. Add PROJECT ENUM in propertyCategory of SimpleProperty and identify that at the time of adding property to dialog.

Accroding to me, adding another ENUM in propertyCategory will require a lot of changes at many places and that can cause some code to break. So I consider the static hashset in my proposal. Also there is no direct way we can access that propertyCategory using EditableProperty directly.

Can any mentor or folk, suggest me which is better ?


After spending some more time looking into code, I found the below comment.

As it's says, it is only for documentation, I guess there is no way to find the property category at the project editor level. So in that case, we only have option of static binding to differentiate project level property from form level property.

can any mentor or folk correct me if I am wrong ?

can any mentor tell me weather am I right or wrong ?