Request for Feedback on GSoC 2023 Proposal: "Dynamic Notification of Component Availability in iOS"

Hello everyone,
My name is Aditya B N, and I am interested in participating in GSoC 2023. I am interested in working on the project Dynamic Notification of whether a component is implemented in iOS, which is listed on the project idea list. I have implemented several ways to display component availability in iOS information on the designer.
I have created a proposal for this implementation. I would love to hear any feedback or suggestions from powerusers and community members on how I can improve my proposal.
Here is the link for the proposal:

Thank you


This is a great project and certainly of great help when using App Inventor on both operating systems. All the best with your project.


Thank you @Peter

Can any of the mentor review whether the degree of modifications done to the UI is acceptable?

Thank you for posting this for feedback. I'll get to this presently. Sorry for the delay

Thank you @Susan_Lane for taking the time to provide feedback on my proposal.

This looks pretty well thought-out to me. One thing that might be worth thinking about is that we do have at least one instance of code that was written for iOS that we have never released because we don't have components for Android. So it might be worth adjusting the design to track what is available for Android, iOS, and both rather than just iOS.

Thanks for your valuable feedback. I agree on this and think that its better to adjust design to track component availabililty for both Android and iOS. I will incorporate this changes and update the proposal accordingly

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