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I need help on how to achieve this using custom webview.
In a normal computer browser once I click ok it will bring out a report sheet.

But when I used custom webview, this pop up is not coming up in other for me to click.

You will have to handle Js Alerts in this way:

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My boss thank you.
I achieved the prompt alert using the block below;

Only remaining to show the pdf new window.
After accepting the prompt it show display the result in pdf.
Help please..
I want to display something link this:

Try setting SupportMultipleWindows property to false.

I have tried that before but turn everything to a blank page when I set the property to false. Or is it that I am not doing something Well. Where would the property be, should it be under "OnNewWindowRequest" or where.

On computer browser, immediately after the message alert, the end of the url link look like this: /Student_Result/redirect_new.php
but at the beginning it the end look like this: /Student_Result/schlogin.php

It should be just after setting webview active for the first time, i.e. webview which originates new tab request.

i have done that boss but instead of loading a blank window now its not open anything now

Pm me the website url.

After four days sleepiness night,I finay got it done. Thank you for all your time and efforts.
You are my boss.

Please post the solution to your problem for others, which might have a similar problem in future
Thank you


This is the solution.


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