Reproduce .h264 file

How i can reproduce a video in format .h264?


have you tried with VideoPlayer component?

From the documentation:

"Video files should be in 3GPP (.3gp) or MPEG-4 (.mp4) formats."

You may just need to change the extension to .mp4 ?


I tried, but it doesn't work

What Android are you testing on?

This is the information from this page:

Handling encrypted media

Starting with Android 8.0 (API level 26) MediaPlayer can also decrypt Common Encryption Scheme (CENC) and HLS sample-level encrypted media (METHOD=SAMPLE-AES) for the elementary stream types H.264, and AAC. Full-segment encrypted media (METHOD=AES-128) was previously supported.

I don't know what "elementary stream types" means, but maybe your files are not like that.

Probably a timing issue (error 701 usually is).

You need a clock timer, @ 250ms. Start the player in there (after stopping the timer!)

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This is a well-known problem that has been discussed and answered dozens of times in the forum.

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The problem is the h264

Please share with us here an example file compressed by h264 if it has no copyright.

There is a link to Drive:

it was downloaded from:

Try this one:

The problem is YOUR H.264.

Left yours ---------- right my newly rendered MP4:

In my opinion, the problem is "Format profile". Hight@L3.1 and Main@L4 will be supported, but Hight@L4 may be a problem. Android does not support all possible H264 formats