Replicating an object

Is it possibile to make “copy and paste” of an object created in a screen for replicating it in the same screen? How can I duplicate it?
Thank you.

If in the Designer, no, you have to drag out a new component

If in blocks, there are several extensions available for creating dynamic components

Have a good look through here:

At one time there was a project under test to allow Ctrl-C Ctrl-V
copy and paste in the Designer, but it was shelved for performance study.

However, there is a newly available Designer Multi-Select feature that lets
you hold down the Ctrl key while selecting mock components in the Designer,
and consolidating the common attributes on the right panel to let you
set attributes for the entire collection.

See [Feature] Select multiple components and edit their properties by Control-clicking (Command-clicking on macOS) components (Thanks @matthewcoufal)

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@ABG Are you referring to this test server I set up or something else? If the test server, I wouldn’t call it shelved and I expect that the functionality will make its way into App Inventor in the next release or two depending on how well it’s tested.

Are you referring to this test server I set up


I’ve lost the thread announcing the test,
as I recall it acted okay for me.
I’m glad to hear some one is pushing it forward.

Very useful your hint on the Ctrl key. I did’nt know it.
Thank you.

I started my camera control project using buttons. When I wanted to try the ball on canvas option I added a new screen, thinking I could just delete screen 1 if I preferred screen 2. That’s when I found out you can’t delete screen 1, you can’t rename a screen after creation and that you can’t copy the design from one to the other so I spent an hour recreating the design.
I think this will be a very welcome improvement

Thank you!