Replicate a Web timeout

When building an app to APK, for testing purposes, how do I replicate a timeout?

Is it as simple as putting my phone in airplane mode or deliberately mis-spelling the web address i'm trying to access? Or do these return other different errors?

Timeout means you want to make the screen blank for a few secs and then the web would load?

I currently have a timeout on the Web call at 5000ms.

I've done some more testing and this is the behavior i'm seeing, but still don't understand:

  1. Stop app, clear app cache.
  2. Have data switched on. The app and web data loads fine with no problems.
  3. Switch data off. The app returns an error "1101". I can catch this and resolve it.
  4. Keep data switched off, but delete the app cache. The app does not return any error and it does not time-out.
  5. As per point 5 above, but while the app is sitting there doing nothing, I switch data back on (well after the 5000ms timeout setting) and then it completes its Web task and the app continues to work fine.