Replica of the board game "Master Mind" (Asking for feedback) (Updated)

This is a Master mind board game replica app I finished in about 8 hours and a half, it really make me gone mad for a few times with list-in-list problem and taking over nearly hundred of image components, hope you guys like it and comment some realistic feedbacks and suggestions (like DON'T give me some suggestion which is impossible to be done within 12 hours thanks)
(this is one of the most difficult app I have done so far, it refreshed my record of the most mental breakdown dealt within 1 hour from 1 time to 4 times, wow)
Im still a secondary 2 student so please don't put too much expectation on this app, I know the app is poor so thats why I post it here for suggestions to improve : ) . Also I am chinese so please don't mind my grammer mistakes, English's grammer is kinda hard.
(First edition)
mastermind.aia (171.1 KB)
Expect a lot of bugs appearing as my time using my computer is limited with some personal reason, I don’t have time to test it out and debug, sorry.
(Update on 21st Aug)

Hello Taokyle

Well, without the permission of the BBC, you can't distribute a replica of their game show.

I don’t know if you’ve made a mistake or not, but the mastermind it is replicating is this one

Nice beginning. :slight_smile:

Circles could be smaller. Most users will use this on a cell phone screen.

Not sure what the rectangles mean. A short explanation of how to play the game would be helpful. How do you win?

10 combinations is a LOT. Option for a beginner to start with perhaps 4 ?

You might get additional inspiration from:

Mastermind Game that describes algorithms you might use and shows a different way of presenting graphics (using Delphi) You could adapt your UI to display on the App Inventor screen to show more with smaller objects

Good luck with your Project.

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It is about this, isn't it? @Taokyle

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Well I have made the “Rules” screen with my 10minutes, since I didn’t search it up on Wikipedia and I’m secondary 2 only, with lack of time it can only introduce basics very badly lol.
Since I don’t have time to test and improve it I hope you guys can improve it and post it here until next Sunday when I have another 6 hours to touch my computer. As I said expect bugs, I think there is a bug that want to get index 5 from a list with 4 items only, still don’t know what went wrong, but can make sure it make winning impossible yet by breaking the winning condition.
Thanks tho, looking forward for more feedback for me to do them together next Sunday.

Well yeah, it is about this, you’re right.
Just found out the mastermind is based on this lmao thanks for more information

At the moment, your Rules Button doesn't display any rules. :cry:

Oh wow okay, didn’t expect that.
Maybe you go to the “rules” screen yourself with the code edit screen?

Yes, completely different game :grimacing: However, the name is trade marked, other developers use a different name to avoid infringing it.

Ok, will mind it in future posts
But I still don’t understand what do you mean “use a different name” so if you can edit this post can you help me to?

Here is Cows n Bulls, you can take help to make it improve

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One way to make your app more compact and playable.

All the choices should be on one screen without scrolling. You can make it pretty.


Thank you for using English in your variable names and blocks.
It makes them much easier to understand for monolinguists like me.

If you are going to present your code to some one else to read, there is room for improvement in your local variable names, to identify their purposes, contexts, and relations to other things in your app.

In particular, the _4, _10, and _40 variables might be renamed using combinations of the words

  • index
  • slotIndex
  • color
  • imageComponent
  • guess

for the reader to know what is being traversed.

AI2 allows easy renaming of variables where they are defined, and adjusts all references to those variables automatically.

Those hard coded limits on your loops (4, 10, 40) could be replaced with length of list calls for more robustness in case you want to extend the game later. You already do that in one place, not in others.

For a similar (but not identical) game, see

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Nice idea, I made the colors real big cuz I’m afraid some mobile device maybe small and unable to precisely click onto the color the user want
But according to the feedbacks I’ve gotten so far, I think it may not be nesserary
I will edit the size back to 7%*7% next Sunday

That’s pretty good and some are useful for the improvement of this app
(So tidy lol mine have a BUNCH of codes linked into a huge event, that’s nice!)

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what emulator did you use to run this because the one I use doesn't let me run it