Replace text and send bluetooth

Hello everyone, I have such a problem, if I write in the text box "Sagat Kansha (Cossack poet Abai Kunanbayev123-125) boldi tishkak" then the application must first be removed inside () and send only "Sagat Kansha boldi tishkak" via bluetooth "" as implement please help
Sometimes there are other texts

block is wrong

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thank you very much, but is it possible to combine them on one inscription

Use join (it is in Text)

thanks a lot, works

hello again, sorry i found some problem, for example there are two "()" "()" in the textbox
Text: Abai Kunanbayev (Ibrahim) Kazakh poet, composer, educator, thinker (123456) the application deletes the first "()" and ignores the rest of the text how to make the text look like this "Abai Kunanbayev Kazakh poet, composer, educator, thinker"

Add another "select list item list...." with index 5

yes, I did that, but if 4 "()" is specified, but I have 3 "()" in my text, then it gives an error because-4 did not find my "()" if in this case how to reset or what can be done

the application needs to delete everyone inside the "()" and leave the text. But how many "()" will be unpredictable


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Thank you so much it worked. Forgive me, I have a question regarding this topic. For example, there is 2 sentence in the text. For example: Abai (ibragim) Kunanbaev. Writer and playwright. The application should leave only the first sentence. This is also not predictable. For example, it can there are 3 or 5 or 10 sentences in the textbox. I should leave only the first sentence and the rest should be cleared and connected with this block

split text
at .

Then list item index 1

I'm sorry, I did not understand(
blocks (13)


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