Replace item character in listview

Hi at all.
I have this problem: when i call READ action the listview get item by gsheet. This is work fine but i want replace any letter. For example: in gsheet there are a', e', i', o', u' letter and for any item i replace this letter to à, è, ì, ò, ù.

I created block but the when the first result is true, other block don't work.

Try like this:


["back", "front", "left", "right", "up", "down", "in", "out", "sideways"]


["bvck", "frynt", "lwft", "rxght", "zp", "dywn", "xn", "yzt", "sxdwwvys"]

I can't get your blocks into my program. When the program populates the listview it must replace the characters I establish (for example a ', _)

Let us make it a result procedure, does that help?

These blocks are draggable, which mean you should be able to drag them into your blocks editor

ok, i changed the blocks and now it works.
I just need the last step: I need to replace the "_" character with the " " (space) character. Do you have any idea? if I insert the characters in the block list "list from csv row" it doesn't work.

You will need to add an extra set of blocks into the procedure. For some reason, AI2 doesn't like iterating over lists with an element containing a space. If you do it separately then it works.

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