Replace barcode scanner with another camera?

Hi, my app is working well with the existing Barcode Scanner. However there is only a rear view camera which I would like to have a front view camera instead? Is there a work around? Or is there anyways to another QR code extension with front camera view?

Anyone has such experiences? Thanks.

If you use the default settings, the front camera is automatically used on my Android 13 if you use * BarcodeScanner.
That is not happening for you?

What Android version and what make of cell phone are you using?

Try using this extension. This claims to provide front camera support:

Im using samsung tab A8 and Samsung S23 Ultra.

use this extension

and set camera id to back or front camera

am i doing it wrong? I cant seem to get the camera to be called upon clicking the button.

You have not set an arrangement to the Scanview extension.
You should probably select the Camera ID before starting the scan.

Return to the link for the extension, you will see several examples from others.

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