Rename projects?

Good marning and good year my problem is i do not rename my projects any opinion?

Download project as aia to your computer. Rename the aia. Upload to Appinventor. Change appName in screen1 designer.

Or in AppInventor, "save project as", give new name. Change appName in Screen1 properties.

Three terms must be distinguished:

  1. App name, e.g. "Relax deeply"
  2. Project name, e.g. "relax".aia
  3. PackageName, for "relax.aia" → appinventor.ai_<email>.relax
    (In my case it would be: appinventor.ai_bodymindpower.relax)

Note: If your app is published in the Play Store, the package name must be the same for all releases (updates).

This implies that the project name must NOT be changed either
(at least on AI2, because it has no option to change the packageName).

thanks you

Please what exactly do you want?

  1. "App name" - Here you can rename or change things.
  2. "Package name" - Here you cannot change or rename it (fixed).

But if your problem is moving from one platform like "Kodular Apps" to "MIT App Inventor", and it seems you cannot update the App "Package name" to meet your already published app on Google play Store, then contact Debrich Group for Pro Services. We can fix it for you.