Rename photo and upload to an ftp account

Hi, I'm trying to do one thing: scan a barcode, take a photo, and change the name of the photo to "barcode + current date" and upload to ftp. There is no way... thanks.

You are using MoveAsync block, this needs some time to fire an event. you can move your following blocks into the relavent event.

for the new file name, you can use the Clock.FormatDateTime block.



It's a barcode scanner result


Make a right mouse click "Do it" and post the result.

Another solution to rename the photo? I need the photo to have a specific name to upload to ftp. Thank you

Thanks :slight_smile:

The TaifunFile extension needs a relative, absolute or full path for the Copy / Move methods, like:
/storage/emulated/0/Documents/... (absolute path).

Thanks. sorry, I'm new to this. Any easier way to change the name of the photo? Thank you :slight_smile:

See also here:

As I said, for example:

or save it in the ASD (App-Specific Directory).

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SOLVED with this!! thanks :-****

Note: You must request WRITE permission for this on Android ≀ 10.
TaifunFile extension does NOT request it automatically (see the description of the extension).

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To avoid this you must save / move to the ASD or the PrivateDir (internal storage).

perfect. thanks again Anke.

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