Removing Answer From List

I am making an educational app and I want the children to be able to type an answer into a box. They are several correct answers and I want three of them. E.g. Name three animals that were on the last screen.

At the minute, I’ve put all the possible answers in a list and set it to check the list for the answer and when three answers have been given it’s complete. My problem is that the same answer can be given three times rather than three different answers and I cannot figure out how to fix this. I tried using remove from list but I must not have done it right.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Two things to do:

  1. Preserve your master list of answers. Do this by using the copy List block to a new list you will use for your answer list
  2. When a user selects an answer, delete the selection from your answer list by using the remove item from list block and the selection.index (I assume you are using a spinner, listview or listpicker for the answers). Then reload the elements of the list to your chosen list display.

Here is a value procedure that can take a list and return just the unique values from its input.

If you take the length of list of (UNIQUE(student answer list)) you should get the value 3.
Any lower result would mean the supplied answer list was short or had duplicates.
The procedure should be draggable directly from this post into your Blocks Editor workspace.

Also see …

Thank you both for helping. I appreciate it. I don’t feel like I have the right kind of mind for coding but I will keep trying!