Remove screen button not working

I am creating my own appinventor
Remove screen button is not working
I have not modify anything related to remove screen
I just added Copy Screen button besides Remove Screen

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Hello, help me please

Could you open the Developer Console on your browser (Right Click --> Inspect --> Console) and see if any errors pop up there (while running the program)?

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also show the ss of which screen u are trying to remove

@Faraz_Firoz is building their own offline version of App Inventor (like AI2U). They've added some custom buttons. It's not the screen that's the problem, but it's the gwtButton instead (since it's an offline version, it's coded in Java).

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Yeah i was just trying to confirm whether he is trying to delete the main screen so.. :sweat_smile:

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Good question, actually.

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No not in Java I think

How have you tried debugging this so far? Have you set any breakpoints in the corresponding click handler? Do you see a RPC back to the server for the delete event?


Can you please share error message?

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Send your blocks so we can check and error as well

This is not any blocks problem I am creating my own app inventor

I am trying to delete second screen not main screen

I have found something in
In this file I see the action of remove screen button means I see what happen when Remove Screen button click and I see that RemoveScreenAction is stopping at ChannableCommand