Remove pop-up error screen from app

So I found the issue for the notorious error List error... and it is caused by bluetooth changing the values and while changing the value it sits an empty string which the app thinks its empty but its soon replaced by the next value. This error has no effect on my app I would like just to disable it. I tried already with the when Screen1.Error Occured but to no avail . Maybe there is another option ? Thanks

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Typically the error occurred event will trap most errors. Can you show us more details about the error? If you understand what blocks are generating the error, it seems like you may just want to fix the code. It would also be helpful if you clarified whether you are using the classic Bluetooth components (BluetoothClient and BluetoothServer) or the BluetoothLE extension.

HC-05 bluetooth module, also everything works only the error wont go away like even when the error is showing the app is working fine. I am not right now home but the problem bugged me so bad that I said to post it here on the forum. But the thing is I thought of a workaround of which to say ok if empty index from list wait but I dont know if I could implement this

Hello Sardin

It's a symptom of the data arriving too fast for the App to process before the next data arrives. The time interval of the App Process should be faster than the time interval of the sending device to avoid this issue. We would usually start with 20% faster and if required tweak that down with trial-and-error.

Ensure you are not making yourself problems that need not exist - the best data transfers are those that only occur at a rate that is necessary for the task in hand. I have seen student's plant watering projects water plants every minute, when every day would obviously be more appropriate :grin:

What you say is very correct. Until I find a work around for this I will update the post. Thanks !

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