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In a screen, I have a procedure where inside there are 4 questions and their respective answers, in which what the procedure does is to choose one at random. But, what I want to do is that when I choose a question and the person answers it, that question is eliminated so that it does not appear again. The problem is that every time I go back to that screen, the procedure generates the list at random with the four questions again.
PS: The easier the syntax the better.
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En una screen tengo un procedimiento donde adentro se encuentran 4 preguntas y sus respectivas respuestas, en el cual lo que hace el procedimiento es elegir una al azar. Pero, lo que yo quiero hacer es que cuando elija una pregunta y la persona la responda, que se elimine asi ya esa pregunta no vuelve a parecer. El problema esta que cada vez que vuelvo a ese screen, el procedimiento vuelve a generar la lista al azar con las cuatro preguntas de nuevo.
PD: Cuanto más facil la sintaxis mejor.
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Without seeing your Blocks, we cannot really guess how your process works Josefina.

You might find what you need in the code snippets on my website:

...but if not, post an image of your Blocks, just right-click in the Blocks work space and select "Download Blocks as Image".

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It's in Spanish, but I think you'll be able to understand it. :upside_down_face:


You can try this, and let us know!

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Please close this topic if that is the solution

.... but rename the procedure to something meaningful.

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Yeah josefina_macabro should. I was in a hurry at that time

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