Remove list from csv

Hello everyone, i have problem,
I got data from google sheet which have 25 rows, i want to show the row randomly, until this i know the block, but the problem is when the data, its automatically remove from the list, i tried search the same topic but still doesnt understand, can you help me ?

Please show your relevant blocks

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I can't see anything in your blocks related to the removal of an item from a list ?

Do you want, when you remove a list item in the app, that the same item is removed on the google sheet ?

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im so sorry, this is the image which have remove list block

You are setting global SID to the value of the random item in global SID3, then using this as an index? You should be just using a random index? You can do this by getting the length of list glopbal SID3 and using that in a select random number from/to block.

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yes im tried to store random item in SID3 to SID, and make SID as index to removal item of the list which the data from google sheet

like this ? but still error

or if dont mind, may i share the aia file ?

Yes, please share your aia

Dooneeee after have tried many times. thanks sir

You have it working now ?

Yesss it works

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