Remove camera permission from .aab file manifest

How can I remove the camera permission from the .aab file manifest?

Why do you think, you have to remove that permission?
Which components and extensions do you use?


You forgot to answer the second question. .
What is the problem in providing a privacy policy?
See also Search results for 'Privacy policy' - MIT App Inventor Community

I have no problem with privacy.

But Google Play will not allow uploading the file until the permission to access the camera is removed.
And my program does not need a camera and I can remove this access

Usually you would provide a privacy policy, because without that permission your app will not work


The privacy policy is in the application

This is not sufficient
What prevents you from clicking the Read more link?

See also for example Android Privacy Policy Requirements for App Developers


That's why I asked this question, which you ignored


I did a search in the community for you and found


It is very complex

mit app invertor Default
And I did not use the camera component

How can I find out which component caused this issue?

Maybe this

GitHub - vknow360/CustomWebView: An extended form of WebViewer with more customization and flexibility (For MIT AI2 and its distros)

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Permissions declared with CustomWebView:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.webkit.resource.AUDIO_CAPTURE"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.launcher.permission.INSTALL_SHORTCUT"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.VIBRATE"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CAMERA"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO"/>
<uses-permission android:maxSdkVersion="29" android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.webkit.resource.VIDEO_CAPTURE"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_DOWNLOAD_MANAGER"/>

So remove it (<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CAMERA") from Java (source file) and recompile the extension.

Not necessary actually. Permissions can be modified without recompiling extension.