Relevant Text box error highlighting


On error checking on multiple text boxes, I want relevant textbox to be “highlighted” for error (like numeric error/empty box.

Please advise. Thanks

Change the background colour of the textbox if the content meets your error criteria

Thanks, but is it possible to get square control box/cursor to the textbox which has error?

What is this ?

Move the Focus?

Here is a sample ...

Hi, as per enclosed picture I haven’t filled options and able to get error as “Fill in…”

However focus is still in the textbox where number is already populated. I want focus to move onto empty textbox pertaining to error.

Thanks, yeah it’s moving focus to erroneous text box from where error originated.

Let me try as per your advise. Thanks

Thanks much @TIMAI2 and @ABG for your help in building my first app :slight_smile:

I have published my 1st app which helps to calculate transformed score called T-score based on Primary-6 marks, mean & standard deviation in Singapore local schools for admission in secondary schools.

Please help to review the published app and suggest improvements for future.

Thanks again & hope to learn a lot from you masters.

Shaurya Bhardwaj

Thanks for posting your app.

The video and screen design were very clear.

It looks like you used generic blocks and lists to your advantage.

It has been a while since I studied statistics, so I had to do a quick web search for t scores.
Once I got past the bone density measurement sites (Google knows my age?) I found

In your app, I noticed you were using the constants 50 and 10 in your calculations.
Reading the above article more closely, it looks like you are using a psychometric analysis.

That’s the limit of what I can infer about your app.

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Thank you @ABG for your valuable review comments.

Great insights in statistics article posted by you and that should be the way.

I found that in Singapore constants 50 & 100 are used consistently in calculating T-score so proceeded with that.

I will aim for a next version of app with variables usage as advised by you.

Thanks again.