Related to Blockly update

I was trying to update the blockly to latest commit. I pulled the changes. Now i am trying to build the appinventor with latest blockly. However as expected there are a lot of files that i needed to add in the ploverConfig.js.
The way i currently figure out which are the new files that needed to be added in ploverConfig.js is by running the ant command and each time i get name of a new file in the build fail error.

[java] org.plovr.MissingProvideException: Missing provide for Blockly.VariableModel in ../lib/blockly/core/field_variable.js

This way I know that i need to add variable_model.js file in ploverConfig.js.
However instead of manually running ant command and finding out the files, is there any proper way, this should be done?
Further more, in the latest blockly update they have removed gesture code and instead created gesture.js file.

I saw there is an open issue on github for updating blockly to latest version Update to latest Blockly with plugin support · Issue #2686 · mit-cml/appinventor-sources · GitHub from last year. So, I am curious about when will blockly updated in MIT-cml as well?
Thank you

Probably the easiest thing would be to enumerate all of the files in core using find or something similar.

Blockly has even changed the gestures code. The newer version of blockly has gestures.js file where events like onMouseUp, onMouseDown are handled. This makes a lot of things incompatible with appinventor.
Is the blockly upgrade under progress at appinventor?

We did an update to version 8 a while back but due to some outstanding bugs it has not been merged. I'm tempted to try and build an update off of the latest version but unfortunately with the renewed effort on iOS I likely won't be able to get to it until later this year. What issue(s) are you working on that needs an update to Blockly?

I was trying to integrate search plugin of blockly but after integration when I try to run the server, it was causing error "getComponentManager()" method not found (something like that). Apparently the plugin was making call to getComponentManager() method of the workspace class and couldn't find the method. So I was going through the commit history of component manager class of blockly on github and found that it was added in year 2021 (If i remember correctly). So that makes the plugin incompatible with older versions.