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Hello, I need help, please.
I want to design a button that stores the numbers on the screen in the cloud, I have that, but I want another button that shows the last value stored in the cloud on the screen and when it is clicked again, the next value in memory and so on. And have this restart on any key press. I can't do it, could you help me please.
Thank you so much.

Numbers on the screen ?
Next value in memory ?
Restart ?
The cloud ?

Please show your relevant blocks screens code

Hello, it's a calculator, in which when I press the "Memory" button, I want it to show me the last stored value on the screen (I have a list saved in the cloud) and when I press it again the next value and so on, but All the values ​​are shown.
Also, I want the operation to restart when any key is pressed, but I don't know how to do it. Thank you so much.


Cannot read your blocks

In blocks editor, right click on white space and download blocks as image. Upload that here.

It also may help to convert your blocks to English before uploading


What value are you storing from Etiqueta1.text ? (give examples)

What does this have to do with the values you are storing in tag FechaHora ?

The label "Etiqueta1.text" is the calculator display and stores numbers, the results of the calculator's operations: 2, 32... Those are the ones I want to show when I press the "M" button, but first the last one that was saved and then, when I press "M" again, the previous one and so on (now it shows me all at once with the first click).
The values ​​of the label "Date_Time" I only want to save them with their corresponding value, but not display them.
Thank you so much!

Something like this:

presents the last item in the list Valores first. If you want the first item in the list first then you will have to reverse the logic

Thank you very much, it was perfect!

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