Regarding GSoC 2020

Hello everyone!
I am Arzoo, a fifth-year student at the National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur pursuing Computer Science & Engineering (Dual-Degree). I am looking for GSoC 2020. Please guide me on how do I start contributing to the organization.
Thanks and Regards,

Hi @Arzoo

You should first get started by making sure that you can get a development copy of the App Inventor service running on your local machine. Build and compile an app to confirm everything works. From there, start looking at issues tagged help wanted on the GitHub repository. Let us know if you plan to work on one beforehand so we can chat about what to do and point you to specific documentation. After implementing your change, submit a PR on GitHub. We tend to prefer working with students who have proven their ability to make high quality changes to the code base prior to GSOC, so make sure that you do a good job documenting any changes you make and why (and update any user-facing documentation depending on the nature of the change).