Refresh screen Inventario

I have a problem, given that it is not compatible with, I am delighting, I cannot clean the screen, that is, if in the listview section, I select an item, I will bring it back to me, but if later within the least in inventory, it keeps me the 'article selected beforeExagon_invetory.aia (66.7 KB)

You have some things to fix in your blocks …
Screen1 blocks

In one of your other screens, you look for a Start value.

You never pass a start value to this screen, and the idea was inappropriate to what you want any way.

You are reading a bar code, and sending it to your web server when the reading gives you a code. Unfortunately, you then try to pull web data out of thin air immediately, instead of doing it in the event that catches the response from the web server.

You are also disregarding the well formatted JSON struture in the web responsecontent, and accessing things by index. JSON was built to let you access fields by name, much more robust and no counting needed. See FAQ Section: JSON and Dictionaries and Dictionaries and JSON

You also are looking in your responsecode instead of your responsecontent in this screen.

Returns from your screens should be done by the close screen block, not by opening screen1, otherwise you will fill memory. You need to close screens as often as you open them.

These should keep you busy for a while, while I attend to others.

I have created other screens, in this screen, in tx_debug I see a list of json, but I cannot select the row of values associated with the barcode code that I fire

That's because you don't even save the result of the barcode scan when it becomes available in the When BarCodeScanner1.AfterScan event.