Redundant step needed to create account to access forum

I have an account. I spent a very productive day using my account and making an app. Thank you so much for this resource. Today I wanted to ask a question on the forum. It wouldn't let me in because I don't have an account. I have had to open another account to talk on the forum. Is this correct? If so, maybe you could consider removing this redundancy.

Welcome @d8sconz,

Here you are talking about the account with which you are creating apps on the MIT app inventor...

Here, your created an account in the forum to ask questions, but this is required to have an account in forum to discuss about your questions.

  1. Account created at app inventor site is used for creating applications.
  2. Fourm account is to discuss about your questions or concern.

So, what redundancy you want to remove if applicable.

This what I can understand, is it your concern.


Not concerned. This is an awesome service to mankind. I just don't understand that, having set up an account for appinventor, I have to set up another account to talk to everyone else who uses it. Surely my account details can just be shared if I have clicked the 'Forum' link from within my account in appinventor.

Some/most users prefer to not use their google account to sign up to the community and to just have a standard user/pass sign up. Keeping the signups separate helps with this.

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