Recuperar listas do AsteroidDb ao inicializar

Olá, criei um app para salvar nomes em uma lista e armazeno ela no AsteroidDb, mas quando eu reinicio meu app esses nomes desaparecem da lista. Oque faço?

blocks (10)

blocks (12)

estou usando esse bloco abaixo para tentar recuperar os nomes da minha lista:

blocks (13)

segue o arquivo para acessar o app:

twdbdemoV1.aia (1.6 MB)

The AsteroidDB blocks are not parsing the list of lists back as a list of lists, therefore things are breaking.

You also needed to use the parseResult block to get the data out.

Do you really have to use asteroidDB?.....

OK, I believe I have fixed it.
I added a Web component to use the JSON TextDecode block and this fixed the list of lists.
You will see the blocks are quite different......

twdbdemoV11_revised.aia (1.6 MB)

You need to thoroughly read the somewhat terse asteroidDB documentation to fully understand how it works, and the threads on both AI2 and Kodular.

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