Recording video without calling the system app

Hi there!

I’m developing an app which can help me to note the cycle of a amchine (piece/minute).

I’ve succesfully developed these parts:

-cronometer and calculation:
there are 2 main buttons: “start”, where the cronometer starts and the countpiece goes to +1, and a button “Stop” where all the calculation part is done, showing on a lable the results.
Support buttons are “+”, which simply add 1 piece to countpieces, “-”, that subtract a piece, and “reset” which set the application forms to the start condition (all 0)

-save data in a GoogleSheets Form

Now my new challenge is to recording a video and save it in Google Drive. First step is to record a video.

I used the native component camcorder, but there is an unwanted event:“camcorder1.RecordVideo”, simply call the systemapp of my device. This is not what i need. I’d like that the app start to record a video by itself, without showing me the videoapp record.
The idea is: if a checkbox is checked, when, record a video. Wher, stop recording and save it to google drive. In the middle, i need to see my app screen, let me to tap the buttons described before.

Looking for a solution, i found this link:, but it seems to be dedicated to taking pictures and not to recording a video.

This is my first help calling, so if you need some more details, please ask.

Thankyou and happy ending :slight_smile:

Sorry, there is no method to autostart a video recording in AI2. There is also no way back to the app whilst the video is being recorded.
Someone would need to write an extension to handle this activity.

Thankyou for your answer.

What a pity… ok, o’ll upgrade my app someday, maybe XD

Hello all ! After one year, is this now feasible ?

Hi @Vincent1,

I found a solution, but you need something more then MITAppInventor.

I use the app QuickVideoRecorder (you can download it from your store, I use android as OS) and the "Activity Starter" element from MittAppInventor.

Just install the app, then you have to set the Starter. For my needs, when i push a button on the screen, the Starter call the application and i start to record my video. Videos are saved in a folder (you can choose the saving path in the QuickVideoRecoder settings).

Here you can see my setup, but you can find some guides on youtube to how to set the activity starter.

Thank you very much Andrea,
can you just give me the complete class (it is cut on your screenshot).
Can you also please explain me how you put the camera off.

you might be interested in the MediaCamera Extension by Atom_Developer (12.50 USD) to record video in Custom Layout
taken from the extensions directory


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

here is an excellent tutorial on doing activity starter , two utilities that make is so much easier to figure out everything you need to know.